Have you tried Google Gravity?

I saw a post in Facebook about Google Gravity one time. I decided to just try it out without expecting anything of course. It can be a lie again. Remember the Oprah thing?

Anyway I tried and it's turned out to be fun!

Here's how:

1) Go to Google,and type 'Google Gravity'.
2) Click on the 1st result that appears i.e. Google Gravity
3) Wait 2 seconds. Something cool will happen!
4) Play with it for a while.
5) Then write any word in the Google search bar and press Enter. 
6) Wait and see. Something even cooler will happen.

I took an image on how my google looked like:

Take that First Step

"You can name it and claim it, but you better do something to get it! 
Affirmations without discipline lead to delusion." 
- A.R. Bernard

Listen to "Age to Age (His Glory Appears)" by Hillsong

Age to Age (His Glory Appears) by Hillsong

Age to Age (His Glory Appears) by Hillsong 
You gave me hope 
You made me whole 
At the cross 
You took my place 
You showed me grace 
At the cross Where you died for me 

And his glory appears 
Like the light from the sun 
Age to age He shines 
Look to the skies 
Hear the angels cry 
Singing Holy is the Lord 

 Copyrights belong to: (c) 2009 Hillsong Church, Hillsong Music Australia
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