Mikes Sumondong on tumblr.

I just started a new journal at tumblr.

And I'm amazed at how easy it is to blog. I mean really!


Oh no, I'm not moving. Your Daily Word is Your Daily Word.

The tumblr will have a world of it's own: THE REAL MICHAEL!

Check it out if you may: http://michaelsummons.tumblr.com

Savior Please by Josh Wilson | YourSong

While waiting for my Bible Study contact last night I decided to listen to the newly downloaded songs through my phone. When I reached this song (first time to listen to it), it just struck me real hard that I started to be moved by the song that I started crying, giving thanks and praying to God asking him to "keep on saving me" everytime.

The song is true: a lot of times we try to be tough depending on our own strength. We try to just live our lives on our own: solving problems here and there, doing things based on personal logic and rationalization and deciding without even consulting. And most often than not we try failing time and time again.

This is is just the best time for us to go back to our God and surrender to Him once again. Acknowledging without him and apart from Him, we are nothing.

Listen to the song and I hope that you will be blessed by it as I was.

Follow @God

No it's not GOD as in the one true God we believe in. He's Richard Dawkins naming his twitter account as god with matching quote: "Hells yeah, it's me! You can email me at god@omnipotent.com"

I'm not here to advertise him. I won't even encourage you to follow him. I don't think he's a christian.

I'm here to ask a question. With thousands of people we follow: from celebrities to politicians to friends and online buddies, have we forgotten to really follow the one who so deserves to be followed?

Have we forgotten to follow GOD?

His tweets (TheBible) said: "Live in me. Make your home in me just as I do in you.#Bible" John 15:4 (The Message)

Before we get all caught up with technology and modern things, let us never forget GOD!

Have you prayed today?

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Earth Day: Give Earth a Hand

I am an advocate!

Let's all just give Earth a Hand and a Chance!

Hachiko: A Dog's Story| Movie Monday

It's Movie Monday again!

Today I'll feature a movie I haven't heard about until last two weeks when my agent asked me if I have heard of it. And because I'm fond of dogs, I got interested and searched it in Wikipedia right away. Right there and then, I got amazed and was impressed with the story and it's based on a REAL story.

The movie is about a dog of Akita Breed named Hachiko. He was adopted by a man who found him in a train station. This dog and the man then became so close that Hachiko walks with his owner and waits at the station's entrance everyday until the owner returns from work. When one day, his owner died st the school where he works , Hachiko still waited in the same place till it was dark.   And this he does evereyday. And I mean everyday for the next 10 years: same time, same place until he died.

Note: Hachiko is from the Japanese word Hachi which means "lucky" according to the movie but according to baby names websites, Hachi simply means 8.

Starring Richard Gere, this is one movie who will move you to tears, kiss your dogs again, and thank them for their loyalty.

Glee's Don't Stop Believin | YourSong

From time to time, I will be posting some of my favorite songs as well in this blog. Songs here can vary from Christian, Contemporary, and some of my Personal favorites.

I'll start YourSong with this song from the ever famous GLEE!

Check out after the Jump lyrics and video of Don't Stop Believin.

"Bike and Hike" and "10 Million Movement" for EARTH DAY

I was browsing through google.com/news today when this article caught my eye and I'm glad I read it: "Bike and Hike for Mother Earth" to highlight Earth Day in Cebu on April 22.

It's so true, all of us can do something for our Earth not just because it's Earth Day this April 22 and not just because Mother Earth needs it but REALLY because it's our RESPONSIBILITY. Let me say that again, it's our RESPONSIBILITY!

A lot of us throw trash just anywhere thinking it's just a candy wrapper or a plastic bottle, it cannot surely do any harm on Earth? Imagine if billions of people throw a candy wrapper per day, that would be gigantic mountain of candy wrappers.

I'm blessed to have read the article because I learned that still there are people who want to do something for this Earth.

Here are some of them:

Bike and Hike
       - is one of the major highlights in Cebu as the country celebrates Philippines' Earth Day on April 22.

Spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-7), the activity signifies commitment in strengthening efforts in institutionalizing and mainstreaming climate change through the implementation of the Climate Change Act of 2009.

Bikers and ordinary individuals are urged to participate in the 'Bike and Hike' event as a way of raising public consciousness and soliciting wide massive public support to care for the environment and fight global warming.

On April 22, interested individuals who want to join the activity will converge in Ayala Mall at the Cebu Business Park at 8:00 a.m. and together hike or bike towards SM City Cebu where the latter will host the two-day eco-fair dubbed the 'Green Expo.'

10 Million Movement
    - This intends to gather or collect 10 million acts or commitments for the environment.

A paper-based signing up booth has been put up in SM City Cebu since March 26 to gather the commitments and reach the 10 M target. One may choose among the 101 ways for a greener lifestyle for his/her environmental commitments. Another option is also to register and be counted through the worldwide web by logging on to www.10mm.ph or register by texting GREEN (space) REG (space) first name (slash) middle initial (slash) last name (slash) 10MM and send to 5777 (Example: GREEN REG Juan/C/De la Cruz/10MM.

And MANY MORE at http://www.earthday.org/

But, that's them...How about you? What are you going to do?

Church is firm against "Ang Ladlad" in Congress

While reading this article from Inquirer.net, I just realize this has been a roller coaster for them!

First they were not allowed by Comelec to be run as a Partylist. The next thing you know, Supreme Court opposed that decision and gave "Ang Ladlad" the chance to run for congress.

And now, Church once again resists this approval saying giving them "a chance to take a seat in Congress is approving and encouraging an abnormality which is unnatural"

Ang Ladlad by the way is a partylist who wish to represent LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders) in the country.

This is not to agree with the principles of "Ang Ladlad" nor to support them in what they do but this is to go against the (allow me to put it this way) JUDGMENTAL Accusation of the Church towards them.

1. They are but normal people and we in no way have the right to call anybody (LGBT or Straight) abnormal. If there are any abnormal people out there, they are most probably those convicted rapists, convicted with plunder, drug lords and those who possess illegal firearms and who are even holding positions until now.

2. "Love the Sinner and Hate the Sin!". With what we're doing, are we showing them Love? Is this the gospel Jesus Christ preached? Condemnation or Redemption? Why can't we just live by this principle and show them what they deserve: UNCONDITIONAL Love.

3. Partylist exists according to the consitution to "give voice to significant minorities of society that would otherwise not be adequately represented through geographical district." And truly that's what they are. Maybe not a minority because we see them everywhere but they are one of those people who are left unheard and represented. Let's give them a chance to run and if people vote for them then good and if not then still good knowing they had their fair chance.

At the end of the day, this is an issue of Love! If we're the Church, the bringer of Love to the World, why don't we just show it to them?

Visit their website: http://www.angladlad.com/
About the Elections, It still depends on you if you want to vote for them.

Earth - OfficialMovieTrailer | Movie Monday

This is a speacial Monday here at YourDailyWord. Today is the day we start Movie Monday right here on this blog.

Every Monday, I will be featuring a movie (not necessarily a blockbuster or a new movie) that I like and recommend for my susbcribers to go and check out.

Hopefully you'll join me in this ride and share your thoughts as well!

To start, I'd like to feature EARTH - a movie by Disney Nature showing this coming April 22. Yes, on Earth Day!

To be honest, just watching the trailer already makes me go "WOW!" and "Ohhh!" with the amazing captures/videos of the Earth that we do not usually see or won't see ever!


After we've seen and been amazed with the beauty of Pandora in Avatar, it's now the time to be amazed with the hidden beauty of our very own Earth. May this film be used to just send out a reminder to everyone so we start doing or un-doing "something" to save our Mother Earth. I remember the movie of Keannu Reeves (The Day the Earth stood still) when he said, "I came to protect Earth from the Enemy." And the Enemy is "US". If Na'avi fought for their world, may we do the same even going against ourselves.

God bless our World!

On this day, God wants you to know...

Don't fret or worry
Instead of worrying, pray

Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, 
letting God know your concerns. 

Before you know it, a sense of God's wholeness, 
everything coming together for good, 
will come and settle you down. 

It's wonderful what happens 
when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life. 
 Philippians 4:6-7 (The Message)

God Bless You!

Lin Yu Chun Sings Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'

I am just so amazed with this boy that I need to post it and share it with you!

Lin Yu Chun Sings Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'

Listen and be stunned!

People regard him to be the next Susan Boyle.

What do you think? Me? I'm blown away, seriously!

Tiger Woods and Father in Nike Ad | A Story of Second Chance

1 Cor. 13:5 (New International Version)

"Love...keeps no record of wrongs"

When I heard about the greatest golfer Tiger Woods falling for temptation having affairs with multiple women, A lot were hurt, a lot got discourgaed and I guess a lot more condemned him (as if they're as not as sinner as Woods is).

Along with it, advertisers and sponsorships started to back out and dropped him as their model.

I'm sure Woods intentionally or unintentionally did what he had done is sorry and had learned his lesson (hopefully).

Very true were the words of Jesus,

"If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her" referring to adulteress Mary Magdalene. John 8:7 (NIV)

and true enough God's Love doesn't keep record of wrongs. it may sound like a cliche but it's a FACT God is a God of second chances. I have failed a million times, but God is always ready to accept me no matter what.

Here's a story of second chances. Woods failed, and the time has come to rise up and be back again. He's scheduled to the PGA Tour this week and as a start Nike (one of the brands who stood by him) gives us a treat. An Ad featuring Tiger Woods and his father Earl Woods who actually was his mentor and teacher.

Praise the Lord!

Here's the video:

"Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion," Earl Woods says. "I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. Did you learn anything?"

Truly he did. How about you?

Atheist Author Gina Welch Going Undercover among Christians


To be honest, i don't know who Gina Welch is and what books she has written but she has caught my attention when I was browsing Time.com with an article entitled "Going Undercover Among Evangelicals". As I read through the article, I then knew Gina Welch is an Atheist who spent two years with the Evangelicals to know what's up with the other side of the "Faith World". She did this according to the article with the goal of bridging the gap between believers and unbelievers and also most probably for her to write her newest book In the Land of Believers: An Outsider's Extraordinary Journey into the Heart of the Evangelical Church with more depth and truth because this time it will be from personal experience.

The full interview is here: "Going Undercover Among Christians" but let me pick some interesting "discoveries" she had during the "undercover" period which can even level up our very own faith.

1. She thought before that Evangelism is just too invasive to another person where one faith or "theory" is forced to a person and convinced him to believe. She realized that it is "very different" than what she had thought it was. It's more of doing something for another person to save him from eternal suffering. And she hit it bull's eye. That's actually the main reason why there's evangelism to tell the people about the salvation God has for them through the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. She thought that people are just concerned about the glory they will have in the after life. But she experienced an entirely different thing again. She saw people who were very concerned with being good in this life. They wanted to do as Jesus would do in this life. And TRUE enough! Let this just be a reminder to each one of us that our relationship with our God is not just about us getting eternal life but to show this life to others as well!

3. Lastly, she said "Being around people who disagreed with me on almost everything, I had to re-examine every part of what I believed to make sure I believed it for a reason." I just pray knowing in two years I'm sure TRUTH has been planted in her heart, that the Holy Spirit works in her heart and convict her of the truth and bring her not to a new religion but to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I also pray, maybe not all atheists will do what she did but through her book people will be blessed and be drawn to Jesus Christ. Drawing people to Jesus through a book of an atheist? Impossible, maybe. But nothing is impossible with God!

Your Daily Word's Page Rank is now 4/10


It has been quite a while that this blog stayed at PageRank 3 and I got used to that. I am not even expecting any increase anymore as I have been somewhat "inactive" these past few months. But when I saw a blogger friend blogging about a PR increase for her blog, I immediately checked my PageRank as well.

And Woollaah!

Praise the Lord! PageRank maybe is not as important as visitors but it's one way for King Google to bring visitors to this site and it also shows that Google trusts this site.

Thanks Google! Thank God above all who remains and who will always be the reason why this blog exists.

Have you checked yours?

Image Source: http://liberalevangelical.org/

Easter Miracle: a story of a HERO

I was browsing the web (as usual) and got across this story in Yahoo Philippines' Front Page. I was just so blessed that I need to share it with you right away!

On April 3(Easter Sunday) when a couple with their 2-year old little girl, Bridgette Sheriden were walking up the gangplank to board the Peking ship, the little girl suddenly slipped through the guardrail and into the 48-degree waters.

Maybe due to adrenaline rush, her father David Anderson and unknown French tourist immediately jumped in before everybody else can even react. And in just a minute, Anderson came out with Bridgette's head on his chest.

Amazingly, the girl was rescued unscathed. Based on the article, People have been referring to her rescue as the Easter miracle, especially given what NBC News calls the rule of 50: The average adult has a 50/50 change of surviving a 50-yard swim or 50 minutes in 50-degree water.

The article is right, for Anderson it's most probably his paternal instincts but as for the French Tourist (still unnamed), he's one hero everybody should learn to be.

Here's an exclusive footage by Eric Stringer who was on the scene:

I hope we can be encouraged with what these two heroes did. Maybe not in a dramatic and news-breaking way but maybe through our very own simple ways.

Let's all be ready to HELP! Let's all be ready to extend our hands to those who are in need. Let's always be ready to love.

This is Love

1 John 3:16 (The Message)

This is how we've come to understand and experience love:

Christ sacrificed his life for us.

Our RESPONSE: This is why we ought to live sacrificially for our fellow believers, and not just be out for ourselves.

If you see some brother or sister in need and have the means to do something about it but turn a cold shoulder and do nothing, what happens to God's love? It disappears. And you made it disappear.

What's the Point?

We've received God's Love for free and was shown to us in the most perfect way (laying down His life for us). God expects for us to show the same love to others as well!
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