God Has His Own Seasons

How many of us feel that sometimes prayers take a long time to be answered and the promised future is far from sight? It's not a surprise that a lot of us choose to give up and/or start doing things on our own.
Let me remind you that every dream comes from the dream giver. And when we bring it up to HIM, he treasures it and sanctifies it. He doesn't show us how and when He will make it happen but HE will. Don't take me wrong, I'm not saying everything you tell GOD will happen. That mindset is the exact opposite of His Lordship. What I am referring to are those desires that are aligned to HIS will, plan and those that will not lead you away from HIM.

According to the Bible in Ecclesiastes 3:1:

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."

God has his own timetable. Nothing is rushed and nothing is too late. 

We must recognize our season and what He's trying to teach us and to be kept assured that He will eventually display HIS wonder before our very eyes. 

IS it easy? My point of view - no. Everyone wants things fast. But that's what must set us apart. We are not in a hurry. We should be on time by faith and not by sight. 

SO no matter what you're going through, take heart. GOD Knows His Seasons and He has a season for you. 
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