What's your Christmas wishlist?

I had been thinking about this question lately. More than the Holiday vacation and the wonderful gifts what else do we really WISH this Christmas?

What's your Christmas wishlist?

Here's a shortlist of the things I wish to see this Christmas:

I wish to see the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre find Justice and may there be no more any election related violence in my country.

I wish to see mediamen protected and safeguarded as bringers of truth.

I wish to see progress in the Philippines and that the government starts to have the fear of the Lord in their decisions and choices.

I wish to see a newly elected president who's capable of leading the country to progress and development. One who is righteous and one who has been duly elected by the people.

I wish to see my team perform and be the number 1 team in my program.

I wish to see the Young Adults Ministry in my church grow for the glory of the Lord!

I wish to see my family grow and be successful in their careers!

I wish to see my family pray together to stay forever!

I wish to see myself growing in maturity in my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ!

Praise the Lord!
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