Venn Diagram of Muslims and Christians

When I was going over the blogs I have subscribed to, I cam across this post that really struck me. He created a Venn Diagram c/o Google on how "related" Muslims, Christians, Jews and Buddhists are. Venn Diagram by the way is a diagram that shows all hypothetically possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets (aggregation of things). Here's what he has found out (Source: A God-Sized Puzzle)

After seeing this, I didn't just see how common Muslims and Christians are just like what the author has seen.

After seeing this, I actually have come to a realization how the world see Christians and made me ask: Is this really how we're living as "Christians"?

Aren't we supposed to be the Light and Salt of this world: THE source of Hope, Happiness and Faith?

Why are people seeing us as hateful, mean, narrow minded, judgemental and annoying? Well maybe that's what we're letting them see.

Think about it and Do something!
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