Extraordinary by John Bevere

It's the E word!

For several months now, I have constantly been reminded by God to live this life to the fullest! To be the person he designed me to be! To use all the good gifts He has endowed to me! To be more than ordinary. To be uncommon. To be different. To be EXTRAORDINARY!

Truly, this is our calling! Jesus didn't just die for us to save us from Hell and the Second Death. He came to give us LIFE and have it to the fullest! He came to make us MORE than CONQUERORS! To make us WINNERS! He came to make us excellent in everything our hands find to do! To make us the TOP and the HEAD. To make us the BEST for His glory!

That's the Design! But we sometimes listen to the Devil's lies and deceptions that we're nothing, we're doomed to fail and that we can never do it. The Devil always reminds us of our past (who we were, what we've done) but let's remind him of our PRESENT (saved by the Grace of God) and his future (eternal damnation in the fiery furnace.

Remember, as I've always said in this site that this maybe TRUE but without you declaring it for your life, believing this truth and LIVING it UP, it will forever be unreal.

SO go ahead, BE EXTRAORDINARY! Be EXCELLENT! Be The BEST! Be the PERSON God had designed you to be!

I am blessed when a friend of mine told me that John Bevere just published a book Extraordinary: The Life You're Meant To Live. And gladly I found an interview of him talking about it. I recommend for you to check it out below:

Check it in Amazon as well:

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