X-Factor's Liam Payne: Try Again!

Liam Payne's X Factor Audition

Here's a story of a boy who didn't get discouraged and didn't get up even when somebody told him "NO. You're not ready yet."

Back in 2008, Liam auditioned for X-Factor and made it as far as Simon's house in Barbados. However Simon thought he wasn't ready for the competition and asked him to come back after 2 years.

He could have been discouraged and just gave it all up. But he didn't. He actually tried again. And the Video above just shows "It was all worth it!". He even got a standing ovation from Simon himself.

In life, people may tell us we won't make it or we will never be successful or we're not ready for it! But let's not allow these things (statements) to define us. No one can stop us if we go ahead and try again! No one can stop us if we don't believe these statements and reach for our dreams.

SO go for it! Try again!
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