Love your Neighbor As Yourself: sEriOuslY?


Last Sunday when I was about to leave for Church, I made sure the know is locked before I closed the door. I don't want to repeat what happened the last time when I was surprise coming home, my door wasn't actually closed.

Unfortunately though it's not the "locked door" I should worry about, believe it or not: I LEFT MY KEY INSIDE MY HOUSE! To make it worst, nobody else has a duplicate except for my Mom who's in Mindanao and my housemate who's in Negros. To make it hopeless, the gate is still locked so I can also not get out. Talk about weird situation?

Let's backtrack a little bit. When I moved to this house around 3 or 4 months ago, I never talked to any of my neighbors, EVER! Except for those two instances my two neighbors (left and right) shouted at me because of garbage and parking lot. Lol! Anyhow maybe I also got used in Ozamiz, my hometown where I don't know any neighbor at all. I mean I REALLY DON'T KNOW ANYBODY. Honestly, I really thought to myself, "Why do I need to talk to them?, This is the city, people don't care what other people do." 

Now back to ME stuck and locked up. First thing I tried to force open the door was my Save Up Account Card. It got crumpled. I used my old UnionBank ATM, at least this is thicker. It also got crumpled. *whew*

And then I heard the left neighbor (an elderly woman) shouting (or actually just talking, I don't know). I decided to just go ahead and asked if I can borrow any tool I can use to force open the door. Then came the knife, the other knife, the screw driver, the other screw driver and finally the hammer which finally *destroyed* I mean opened my door. Before the amazing and spectacular opening though, my left neighbor was there the whole time giving me advices what to do. To a point, she suggested i go naked to climb over the gate. Luckily, It didn't happen though (Thank God)

But one thing, I've learned all throughout this 45-min ordeal, the neighbor you  thought you don't need, you actually do! Then I remember what Jesus said when he was asked "What is the great commandment?" He replied:

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. You shall love your neighbor as yourself"

It's TRUE, God will always be the priority but what God is saying here is, if we love Him, it's an automatic result that we also love our neighbors. Because as God's Love fill us, the Love will surely overflow: Unstoppable and Uncontrollable.

I may have learned LOVING MY NEIGHBOR in a not so good way but I still thank God for pushing me to that situation in order for me to learn what He's been teaching me.

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