What Are We Really After?

Lately I had been very busy increasing my "authority" in Entrecard by dropping (that's the term when you visit a site) at least 300 a day. Entrecard for those who are not familiar is a community of bloggers and advertisers helping one another in building traffic. And it did! Entrecard has brought back a good number of traffic to my site. Taking away a time for me in making sure that I post a devotion on the Word of God daily =(.

On my way to the church this afternoon, I was thinking about this and asked myself: "What am I really after?" Is it just traffic and increase in my blog ranks (the site remained #1 last week) that are important? Or is it about people being able to read God's Word and be brought back to God and be led to love God even more which was supposedly the very reason why I started my site?

That made me realize something. Sometimes in our lives/journey, we can be caught up in chasing pretty rainbows and great rewards this life can offer. I mean great traffic and high blog ranks are good, right? But that's NOT the main purpose of this site. In our lives, pretty rainbows are pretty and enjoyable but "is that the purpose why we're here?" Let's take this day as a time to check ourselves once again: What are we really after? Who are we really living for? What on earth are we really here for? Is it just about job promotion, financial success or even recognition? Isn't it about bringing glory to the LORD everytime anywhere?

Let's join David in his Psalm;

"Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts." Psalm 139:23 (NIV)

Let's ask God to search us and if possible discipline us for us to just be brought back and be "pinged" into fulfilling His purposes for us.

After all His purpose and will for us is good, perfect and pleasing.

So now go ahead and seek God and get back on track to the journey He has prepared for you! And remember He originally created us to bring GLORY to Him.

And about the Entrecard, I'll possibly continue being a member but I just need to make sure Time is managed correcty and pretty well!
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