Thank You Lord for the Gift of Friendship

If you're in Facebook, I'm sure you read, answered and tried out some silly, witty and interesting questions about you and your friends. Just like these:

I'd like to dedicate this post to all my friends (my real, true, authentic, and genuine friends): You know who you are! I thank you friends for being there ready to correct me when I am wrong, ready to teach me when I needed to learn something, and ready to make me laugh when situations seem to be dark and gloomy, and always ready to encourage me saying "Kaya mo yan!".

and to God who is the author of friendship! Thank you Lord! I don't know how life would look like without friends. Thank you Lord for befriending me even though I'm a sinner and even though I'm the most unworthy person in the world to become your friend. You were there always ready to accept me. Yes, always even though you know soon I'd leave you and forsake you again. :-(

Thank You is not enough to show how grateful I am.

I also want to thank you Lord for the gift You have given me. The gift of making people laugh. I guess this comes with my sanguine personality. And I'm blessed because I'm able to do that to other people (especially to my friends) and that they appreciate it. I so like it!

Really, that's how You designed me and I'm going to live like that because I know that when I'm living according to Your design, I'm pleasing YOU.

Thank you again!

If you want to be a friend, add me at Facebook here: or @YourDailyWord for Twitter.
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