Thank You Lord for the Gift of Mothers

I've been trying to write some "Thank You's" lately starting with the last one where I thanked the Lord for the Gift of Frienship.This time I want to take this opportunity to thank and recognize the number 1 woman in my life. The most beautiful and loving woman my eyes have ever seen. The woman who stood for me, fought for me, cared for me, loved me, disciplined me and guided me through since the first time my heart started to beat inside of her. Yes, that woman is my mother! Who else can it be?

I'm not sure how my life would have turned out without my mother beside me the whole time.
She wakes me up (throws water on my face if i don't), to go to school.
She forces me to eat every leafy kind of vegetable she knows.
She pinches me really hard that tears my shirt up to discipline me and teach me a lesson.
She nags at me every time I don't buy my spray and why I still don't have a house.
And because of all these, I love her so much.

Thank you Lord for giving me my Mother. Even though this would sound a cliche but really if I'm given a chance to choose a Mother, I'd still choose my Mom! She's like THE BEST!

My prayer is for you to bless all the mothers out there especially my mom with strength to go on whatever happens, overflowing love to always care even the most unworthy, patience to always be considerate and hopeful whatever happens and joy to always be happy, content and successful! 

May you protect them from harm and abuse. May they be loved, cared and respected by their husbands and children especially when they're old.May the people around them always see their importance. May they be given freedom and be able to exercise their rights due her.

May all the mothers be role models for godly, righteous and loving lives! And May they continue to impact and influence peopl around the world!

Happy Birthday Mom! 

Thank you Lord!

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