Happy Father's Day Pa

My father died when I was 2nd year high school. He didn't die of sickness or plane crash. He died somewhat a miserable death which is something I can't be very honest in here but one thing I can say, it was truly Painful.

I was not so close to my papa. It was my Ate (older sister) who was always beside him and shared his laughters. In fact it was her who was most affected next to my mom when he passed away.

It's not easy for us the children. It was worst for my mom. But thank God we were able to pull it through and all of the children are now all professionals (a PhD on Education, a Teacher, a Nurse and an Electrical Engineer).By God's grace and by Mom's determination, we were able to do it.


Up until now even though it has been somewhat 12 years now, I still miss him and think of him. How I wish he was there when I finished High School and College helping my mom in giving me my awards and medals. How I wish he is here with us, I'd surely tour him around Asia with mom. How I wish he had the chance to see his grandchildren: CD, Sarah and Yafit. I bet he'd love them and spoil them just like what I'm doing. How I wish he's here with me teaching me the do's and don'ts of getting married. How I wish I have told him about God's love and the salvation He has prepared for him. How I wish he's still here. How I wish I still have my Papa.

He may not be the perfect father out there but he's the BEST for me! If I'm given the chance to choose a father, I'd still choose him. 

Papa,wherever you are if you can read this I just want to say I love you so much. I remember a time when I really needed a white polo but it was already late and I really need it the next day. You woke up so early and knocked on the only store we have in that rural hometown to buy me one. I remember you waiting outside of our house angry because I didn't go home for lunch. I remember you buying me a cap and a basketball to teach and encourage me to play. I remember a time that you invited your friend to guide and teach me how to draw even though I wasn't the best artist but you surely lifted my self esteem. When Mama left for a conference or something and you were left to prepare for our breakfast to go to school, I remember you cooking while cleaning while waking me up. I remember you got so upset that you threw water at me just to wake me up. (I think that was sweet. Lol!) Pa, kamaayo nimo nga amahan. Wala koy lain pang pangayoon sa usa ka amahan: naa na nimo tanan. Apil na ang diabetes ana. hehehe. Pa, gimingaw gyud ko nimo ug ang akong pangandoy nga magkita ta after aning kinabuhia. Yes Pa, I love you so much and how I wish I can make you feel that today. Happy Father's Day!
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