The Young Man Dies

These past few days, I have been struggling with growing and putting childish things behind me. What to do, Where to start, What to change and How do I do it?

All these questions were answered when I bumped on the Joshua Harris'es post about the song of David Wilcox entitled "Young Man Dies". And I was hit head-on or shall I say heart-on!

He could picture you a perfect sunrise
in the middle of your darkest night.
And he could take a sip from someday,
like he had a secret well.
He could listen to the voices calling
from a distant time will tell.

It's you in that picture where you're looking far away
like you hear a whisper of the things
you'll know someday.

But back then your heart was hungry
for something hard to find; you were
just holding out for someday,
but you've left that pain behind
'cause he walked you through those mountains,
for as long as he could bear.

He never reached the fountain,
but he could take you there.
The young man's dying
'cause in the years it takes to make one man wise,
the young man dies.

By David Wilcox from the album Underneath

There goes the answer! For me to successfully leave behind the childish person in me, the young man must die.

Listen to the song here: DAVID WILCOX

Source: JoshHarris
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