I Like Facebook

Facebook is really just an epitome of a fast-changing World. In this case, the World Wide Web. I mean never was a dull moment since the time I started my Facebook life.

I can still remember the very time I laid my eyes on Facebook, I was totally culture shocked. Wall? Shout-outs? News Feed? Those were all jargons. We call it "nosebleed". LoL!

After a while I got used to some of the features and is still starting to check the others when the season of games, Farmtown, Restaurant City, Typing Maniac came. I can still remember when somebody just left a "lost cow" in my wall and my friend was like asking me if I can adopt it. What??? What am I going to do with that cow? And other friends started to just send me invites asking me to plow their farms, check their restaurants, even fight me in Mafia Wars. It all again started to be overwhelming. Fortunately there was the magical "ignore button".

And the rest is history (that includes the so-called change in the privacy settings that honestly I didn't notice. LoL!).

Anyway the real reason I'm posting this is the new change FB added to their interface. We can now "like" even the comments of our shout-outs! I'm sure you've noticed it now.

Well aside from that I'd like to invite you to FOLLOW Your Daily Word to get updates from this blog right in your Facebook wall or if you want to get to know me personally add me as a FRIEND.

If there will be more changes coming, I will never be one of those who will quit. I am one of those who will explore and enjoy instead!
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