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When He has Tested Me, I will come forth as GOLD

“But he knows the way that I take; 
when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold
My feet have closely followed his steps; 
I have kept to his way without turning aside.”

Job 23:10-11(New International Version)

Now this is AMAZING! A lot of us complain and get discouraged when persecutions and trials come. When there are problems, we cry out and panic. Just like the disciples when they were on a boat during a storm. But at the end of the day, we see that God allows these things to refine us and to make us the people he designed us to be.

Be Still and Know that He is God

Mark 4:39 [King James Version]
And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm


Sometimes when we're faced with a tremendous problem, we panic and we rattle. When we are overwhelmed with the situation, we lose control. When we're pressed with deadlines and severe needs, we rush and fear. The disciples also felt the same way when they faced Storms and Great Winds. They thought they're all going to die
[Mark 4:38]. But Jesus was just asleep the whole time until the disciples woke him up. Jesus then stood and "rebuked the wind saying; PEACE, BE STILL!".

Jesus asked the disciples, "Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?" [Mark 4:40]. Now, he's asking you why do you panic and rattle when you're faced with great problems? Why do we forget God at times like these? I believe God was not just directing "Peace, Be still" to the storms but to the disciples as well. God said:

"Be Still and Know that I AM GOD."
Psalm 46:10

Know that HE IS GOD! God who has control of everything! God who is the "Lord, the God of all mankind" and there's nothing too hard for him
[Jer. 32:27]. God who can make all your problems, bad situations, difficult circumstances cease.

Next time you encounter a problem or if you have problems presently, BE STILL! Yes, don't move! Trust HIM and believe. God can solve them!

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