Change: Difficult But Not Impossible

Change. As they say is one of the constant thing in this world. It's either we're changing for the better or for worse.

Here's what I learned recently about CHANGE.

I didn't know about this until it was preached by my Pastor last Friday. In the Bible we are always compared to an eagle. Encouraging us to soar high above problems and in any situations we may face. We need to have an eye like that of an eagle to be so focused on our targets and prey.

But the things we can learn from an eagle's life doesn't stop there.

Usually the eagle's lifespan is 70 years. But they only last up to 70 if they undergo a major change during their 40's.

What is this change? You might ask. Let me tell you...

During their 40's (during their old age) their talons and beak start to bend. The talons and beak can bent to as much as taking out the capability of the eagle to catch their prey.

Their wings as well grow heavier and will start to stick to their bodies giving them a hard time to fly swifter the usual.

At this point, the eagle faces a major decision: either to DIE or undergo that major change I've been talking about.

What is this change? Yeah..yeah..You've asked me that question the second time now.

The eagle must fly to a mountaintop and go through 150-day series of changes (that's approximately 5 months).

First, the eagle must knock its beak to a rock until it breaks allowing a new beak to grow. (Now that's painful...)

Second, after the new beaks are fully developed the eagle then starts to pluck its talons to take them out to allow new ones to grow.

Third, it then plucks its own feather to take them out allowing new feathers to grow.

After all these painful, hurting one self process, the eagle can then fly it's "come back" flight and will then live for 30 more years.

What can we learn from this?

1. Change is a decision one should make.
- If we hear ourselves sometimes complaining why blessings are not coming and promises are not happening, I think we better ask ourselves first this question "Have we decided to go through the change that's necessary?". I'm not just talking about "not drink soda" or "not watching TV". I'm talking about major overhaul of our lives, lifestyle, choices and decisions. "Have we decided to take on the narrow path?"

2. The Change is Difficult
- I mean, really difficult. If you can look at the life of the eagle, it ended up really hurting itself to be changed. In the same way, we will soon come to a point when we object with ourselves, when we enslave our own will and choices, when we let go of ours to allow HIS. It can reach to a point that you would need to let go of your friends. It can reach to a point that you would need to resign from your secured job because your Christian principles are now being compromised. You will come to a point to say NO even though you've used to saying YES to a lot of things. Are you ready for this?

3. Change takes some time
- It took 5 months for the eagle to go through the change. As they always say, change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. Sometimes it takes a lifetime. That's why there's a decision. One need to choose and with that choice comes the responsibility to continue and persevere.

If we want to see fruitfulness and God's plan happening in our lives, change must be done.
Rest assured though that yes it may be DIFFICULT but IT'S NEVER Impossible with CHRIST who strengthens us. [Philippians 4:12]

We are now faced with a challenge to Change. Are you willing to take it?

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