We Are All one In Christ Jesus

This is a guest post by Daniel Smith of Different Frequencies...Same Radio.

As a United States Sailor, I have had the blessed opportunity to meet
missionaries and visit churches all over Asia and the Middle East. As
a blogger, I have had the privileged of reading blogs from all over
the world, and I have had people from all over the world read my blog.

Ten years ago I preached a short message of encouragement to some
missionaries and staff at a Baptist church in Pattaya, Thailand. In
that message, I spoke of how we may be of any number of ethnicities,
but we were all one in Christ. In our modern world of blogging and
easy travel, that is no less true.

As Paul states in Galatians 3:28: There is neither Jew nor Greek,
there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for
ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

The world is a much smaller place than when Paul went on his many
missionary journeys, and yet he realized the same thing back then that
we can realize today. It's no less true now than it was when Paul
first wrote the church in Galatia. It doesn't matter where I am from.
Once I joined the church through the blood of Christ, I became part of
a body of believers from many tongues and tribes. That is no more
easily discovered than by simply looking through the blogs we read
every day.

What a blessed thought!

Note: This is the first guest post I have approved for this site and I hope that this would be a FIRST of Many. I encourage you to send me an email to yourdailyword@gmail.com with Subject line: ARTICLE and I'll check if I can publish it. Blessings to you!

Thanks Daniel for this Article. May God bless you and your blog as you work in God's vineyard!
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