Tired? Weary? God has an offer for you

And it's already WEDNESDAY! Woohoo! We're halfway through the week! Who's looking forward to FRIDAY? I AM. 😁😁

I know the feeling. I know the feeling even how much you try to get energised and excited, work and stress have their way of getting into you. 

This is why, fellowship with the LORD should not be limited to Sunday Services. What you received on a Sunday can't last until next Sunday. You need nourishment everyday - and that is why this blog is rightly named Your Daily Word.

Today let me encourage with the word found in Isaiah 40:29:

Mind you this offer is on a daily basis and it's unlimited. It's not like a energy booster that fires you up for 15 minutes and drains you afterwards. This offer is a continuous, always available kind of offer.

The only thing that's needed is for you to approach HIS throne and fellowship with HIM. So go ahead, before you do anything, approach HIM. He's waiting.
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