Be a True Disciple

First, I'd like to apologize as I was not able to blog while I was there in the conference. The amazing presence of God was really there and the WORD was very powerful that it blows me away everytime. Even though with these wonderful things, I still got exhausted that every after the conference I can no longer a finger to type. So I am sorry.

Second, I don't what to say... I mean I received a lot REMA and MANNA from Heaven that I don't know where to start and how to begin.

Just to keep the ball rolling, let me start with this:

Disciple is from the WORD Discipline. The first followers of Jesus Christ were disciples. At present, we now have believers, followers, goers, church-hoppers and a lot more!

A lot of us would want to define what the real follower of Jesus Christ instead of being what was the original design.

The disciples were "disciplined" believers and followers of our Lord! Disciplined people who are able to enslave their bodies to bring them into subjection to the Lord Jesus Christ! Discipline people who will choose to wake up an hour ahead to spend time with God! Disciplined enough that tries his best to have the Word of God read and applied daily. Disciplined enough to know that the good news he received is not supposed to be kept but shared. Who really lives to be a light and Salt to the earth.

Now, how do you think God regard you? Be challenged! We can do this!

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