Atheist Author Gina Welch Going Undercover among Christians


To be honest, i don't know who Gina Welch is and what books she has written but she has caught my attention when I was browsing with an article entitled "Going Undercover Among Evangelicals". As I read through the article, I then knew Gina Welch is an Atheist who spent two years with the Evangelicals to know what's up with the other side of the "Faith World". She did this according to the article with the goal of bridging the gap between believers and unbelievers and also most probably for her to write her newest book In the Land of Believers: An Outsider's Extraordinary Journey into the Heart of the Evangelical Church with more depth and truth because this time it will be from personal experience.

The full interview is here: "Going Undercover Among Christians" but let me pick some interesting "discoveries" she had during the "undercover" period which can even level up our very own faith.

1. She thought before that Evangelism is just too invasive to another person where one faith or "theory" is forced to a person and convinced him to believe. She realized that it is "very different" than what she had thought it was. It's more of doing something for another person to save him from eternal suffering. And she hit it bull's eye. That's actually the main reason why there's evangelism to tell the people about the salvation God has for them through the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. She thought that people are just concerned about the glory they will have in the after life. But she experienced an entirely different thing again. She saw people who were very concerned with being good in this life. They wanted to do as Jesus would do in this life. And TRUE enough! Let this just be a reminder to each one of us that our relationship with our God is not just about us getting eternal life but to show this life to others as well!

3. Lastly, she said "Being around people who disagreed with me on almost everything, I had to re-examine every part of what I believed to make sure I believed it for a reason." I just pray knowing in two years I'm sure TRUTH has been planted in her heart, that the Holy Spirit works in her heart and convict her of the truth and bring her not to a new religion but to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I also pray, maybe not all atheists will do what she did but through her book people will be blessed and be drawn to Jesus Christ. Drawing people to Jesus through a book of an atheist? Impossible, maybe. But nothing is impossible with God!
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