Follow @God

No it's not GOD as in the one true God we believe in. He's Richard Dawkins naming his twitter account as god with matching quote: "Hells yeah, it's me! You can email me at"

I'm not here to advertise him. I won't even encourage you to follow him. I don't think he's a christian.

I'm here to ask a question. With thousands of people we follow: from celebrities to politicians to friends and online buddies, have we forgotten to really follow the one who so deserves to be followed?

Have we forgotten to follow GOD?

His tweets (TheBible) said: "Live in me. Make your home in me just as I do in you.#Bible" John 15:4 (The Message)

Before we get all caught up with technology and modern things, let us never forget GOD!

Have you prayed today?

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