Easter Miracle: a story of a HERO

I was browsing the web (as usual) and got across this story in Yahoo Philippines' Front Page. I was just so blessed that I need to share it with you right away!

On April 3(Easter Sunday) when a couple with their 2-year old little girl, Bridgette Sheriden were walking up the gangplank to board the Peking ship, the little girl suddenly slipped through the guardrail and into the 48-degree waters.

Maybe due to adrenaline rush, her father David Anderson and unknown French tourist immediately jumped in before everybody else can even react. And in just a minute, Anderson came out with Bridgette's head on his chest.

Amazingly, the girl was rescued unscathed. Based on the article, People have been referring to her rescue as the Easter miracle, especially given what NBC News calls the rule of 50: The average adult has a 50/50 change of surviving a 50-yard swim or 50 minutes in 50-degree water.

The article is right, for Anderson it's most probably his paternal instincts but as for the French Tourist (still unnamed), he's one hero everybody should learn to be.

Here's an exclusive footage by Eric Stringer who was on the scene:

I hope we can be encouraged with what these two heroes did. Maybe not in a dramatic and news-breaking way but maybe through our very own simple ways.

Let's all be ready to HELP! Let's all be ready to extend our hands to those who are in need. Let's always be ready to love.
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