Earth - OfficialMovieTrailer | Movie Monday

This is a speacial Monday here at YourDailyWord. Today is the day we start Movie Monday right here on this blog.

Every Monday, I will be featuring a movie (not necessarily a blockbuster or a new movie) that I like and recommend for my susbcribers to go and check out.

Hopefully you'll join me in this ride and share your thoughts as well!

To start, I'd like to feature EARTH - a movie by Disney Nature showing this coming April 22. Yes, on Earth Day!

To be honest, just watching the trailer already makes me go "WOW!" and "Ohhh!" with the amazing captures/videos of the Earth that we do not usually see or won't see ever!


After we've seen and been amazed with the beauty of Pandora in Avatar, it's now the time to be amazed with the hidden beauty of our very own Earth. May this film be used to just send out a reminder to everyone so we start doing or un-doing "something" to save our Mother Earth. I remember the movie of Keannu Reeves (The Day the Earth stood still) when he said, "I came to protect Earth from the Enemy." And the Enemy is "US". If Na'avi fought for their world, may we do the same even going against ourselves.

God bless our World!
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