Church is firm against "Ang Ladlad" in Congress

While reading this article from, I just realize this has been a roller coaster for them!

First they were not allowed by Comelec to be run as a Partylist. The next thing you know, Supreme Court opposed that decision and gave "Ang Ladlad" the chance to run for congress.

And now, Church once again resists this approval saying giving them "a chance to take a seat in Congress is approving and encouraging an abnormality which is unnatural"

Ang Ladlad by the way is a partylist who wish to represent LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders) in the country.

This is not to agree with the principles of "Ang Ladlad" nor to support them in what they do but this is to go against the (allow me to put it this way) JUDGMENTAL Accusation of the Church towards them.

1. They are but normal people and we in no way have the right to call anybody (LGBT or Straight) abnormal. If there are any abnormal people out there, they are most probably those convicted rapists, convicted with plunder, drug lords and those who possess illegal firearms and who are even holding positions until now.

2. "Love the Sinner and Hate the Sin!". With what we're doing, are we showing them Love? Is this the gospel Jesus Christ preached? Condemnation or Redemption? Why can't we just live by this principle and show them what they deserve: UNCONDITIONAL Love.

3. Partylist exists according to the consitution to "give voice to significant minorities of society that would otherwise not be adequately represented through geographical district." And truly that's what they are. Maybe not a minority because we see them everywhere but they are one of those people who are left unheard and represented. Let's give them a chance to run and if people vote for them then good and if not then still good knowing they had their fair chance.

At the end of the day, this is an issue of Love! If we're the Church, the bringer of Love to the World, why don't we just show it to them?

Visit their website:
About the Elections, It still depends on you if you want to vote for them.
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