Are you one of us?

Now it happened, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling.
Acts 16:16

The Book of Acts or which is sometimes called The Acts of the Apostles is a book about the "New Testament Church" and was written by Luke. The same Luke who wrote the Gospel according to Luke. Aside from that, I am no longer too familiar with Luke's background. You can read a background article about him in Wikipedia here.

Before the verse above, the Book of Acts was purely story telling of an author about certain group of People from The Pentecost, to Stephen's martyrdom, to Saul's Conversion to Paul and a lot more: everything was purely a story told by a third person/party.

Until we reached Acts 16:16 when the author said "WE". At first Luke was just writing and storytelling the story which was rightly so because he's a historian and a historian writes histories. But blessedly, he didn't stop to just tell stories and do what a historian is expected to do. He joined Paul and the rest of the disciples. He took part. He become part of them.

Let's try to ask ourselves, how many times do we limit ourselves to our skills, talents and profession that we forget that in the ministry, you don't do things alone or on your own in fact it's God who works in you and through you for His glory only if we allow him to. We therefore only serve as an instrument. Luke is a historian. He can just choose to write and tell history. Plus he's being used mightily in that area. He can just stay where he is. But no! He didn't stop there! He eventually joined and took part.

That's the beauty of it! Christians should always look for more ways how he can be used by God more. Not just what he has given now, but what more he can give for God's glory! That's exactly what Luke did.

Regarding the Great Commission which tells us to make disciples all over the world. How many times have we just given the responsibility to the few missionaries and pastors out there in the field to do the work? Let's ask ourselves: are we using our profession to join in fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord in our own little way? Let's be like Luke who was not contented in just sharing what he had seen but also joined and became a part of the History.

Yes! Let's all be history makers and not just writers.


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