Christian Guy's Random Thoughts

This blog as you all know is dedicated in becoming a devotional site where you will be blessed, encouraged, rebuked and even corrected through the Word of God and the power of Jesus Christ. And I really hope that it is serving it's purpose. I am praying, really. Do you pray for your blogs or sites if you have one? You should! It's after all God's blessing to you and God's way for you to bless and glorify His name in anything you do.

I have read this post from one of my favorite bloggers: 3 Tips for Not Sucking at Christian Blogging. Go over there after reading this. ChurchCrunch is one great blog for you to subscribe and follow. I really highly recommend.

Anyway, the post said this:

"Blog about stuff that isn’t obviously Christian. You must have other interests other than your faith 24/7, right? Being super-spiritual on your blog doesn’t prove anything to me and certainly not to the unbeliever."

And I think I agree. That's the reason I posted something about American Idol. And I was about to go that way but God reminded me on the purpose why this site existed. It is to be a site where you, my readers and subscribers can be blessed by the Word of God. Verses and Reflections that you can use for everyday life. I don't want to interfere what God is doing here with my own "interests". True, I really pray for each post here that the readers be blessed by each word of it.

With that, I had been directed to creating a blog where I can just say what I want to say. Not necessarily always about Spiritual things but don't take me wrong it will always have Christian and Godly principles. I started a new blog: Christian Guy's Random Thoughts. In here, you'll get to know me personally and no longer just a preacher of the Word or a blogger of the Word at that.

At the end of the day, Your Daily Word remains to be your daily devotional. But if you want to know me personally and the ins and outs of my Christian life, go and drop my personal blog.

That's it for today! God Bless you more!

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