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When everybody is waiting and excited to know who's gonna be the next American Idol, I have a personal bet: I hope that Kris Allen wins the contest.

You might be surprised why I'm writing about this, just read on...

The world is full of praises and worship to our God. The trees, the rain, the mountains, the skyscrapers and a lot more give praise to the Lord. Indeed God can use any of these things to bring glory to His name. Tonight we'll again witness one most-watched reality TV contest do their Grand Finals to choose who the next American Idol is. I believe that even here, even in this contest, my prayer is God to be glorified.

I was browsing through the profile of the contestants and Kris Allen got my attention. Here's an excerpt from

"Kris Allen is a worship leader at New Life Church in Maumelle, Arkansas. He has been involved in missionary work around the world including Burma, Morocco, Mozambique, South Africa, Spain, and Thailand. Much of his musical background is connected with his church experiences." Read the rest of it here.

Isn't it amazing? God is raising up worship leaders to conquer the world's music industry to bring glory to His name. Don't take me wrong, Adam can still win. It's still a "singing" contest after all and not "Who's the Christian among you?". I don't care who wins now but what I am so happy about is for Kris gaining popularity and hopefully using it to bring glory to the Lord's name. I can remember the songs of Carrie Underwood: Jesus, Take the Wheel and Jordin Sparks: God Loves Ugly that are used by God to spread His Word. These artists may not be branded as "christian singers" but they're singing songs with Christian message and that's what's important.

Let's all pray that God will continue to raise up talented Christians who will spread HIS glory throughout the Earth in their own "talented" way.

How about you? How can God use your talent to spread His word? How can God use your life to open up doors for Him to move?

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