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1 Chronicles 16:8 (New International Version)

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name;
make known among the nations what he has done.


Testimonies are very important! In a court trial when somebody stands as a witness, the testimony is almost irrevocable except if another witness goes against the testimony or when the witness takes back his Word.

I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ through the testimony of others. My faith grew and became stronger also because of the testimony of others. The testimony of a Christian is God's love letter to everyone who hears it. It is one if not "the" way of spreading the GOOD NEWS of God.

If you read the Book of Acts, we see Paul, Peter and all other apostles telling and sharing their testimonies before going on in sharing what Jesus Christ has done. Indeed testimonies make the people relate to the gospel. Testimonies reinforce the gospel. Testimonies highlight the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ!

God said when you receive good things from me or when some good thing happened in your life, GIVE THANKS! But God didn't end up there, he continued saying, "MAKE KNOWN AMONG THE NATIONS WHAT I HAVE DONE!". A lot us remember to thank GOD but a lot of us keep it to ourselves.

Today, I encourage you to leave your testimonies in the comments field.
Make known to the world wide web what He had done in your life! Through these testimonies, God is glorified and you can bless your brothers and sisters as well!

Praise the Lord for these People who have Testified so far:
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  1. Suddenly, there was a bright light in the cell, and an angel of the Lord stood before Peter. The angel tapped him on the side to awaken him and said, "Quick! Get up!" And the chains fell off his wrists. - Acts 12:7 NLT

    In the late summer of 1994, I knew something was wrong. For a few days, my brain was trying to digest a court order given to me as the result of a driving under the influence arrest. I was to pay a fine and attend 20 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the offense.

    Sometime between when that court order was in my hand and my first AA meeting in early September I had an awakening... a life changing one.

    I counted my failures, the ones that really stung. I had just filed for a divorce in a marriage that lasted just half a year. Not long before that, I had filed a personal bankruptcy. However, it was another inventory item of my life that really convinced me that I had come to the end of myself: I was uncomfortable inside my own skin. Anxiety was drowning me.

    That was three strikes against me I reckoned and it was time to face life somehow differently. I didn't know how to or what to change, but I knew something had to be done.

    I had reasoned that the AA meetings couldn't hurt, maybe they were the beginning of a solution. Maybe attending the meetings were the starting point of finding what I could become. And maybe... just maybe, becoming someone that didn't hurt so bad inside.

    The chains were beginning to fall off my wrists.

    (to be continued)
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  2. (Part 2, Part 1 in my first comment)

    It is this Good News that saves you... that Christ died for our sins just as the scriptures said He would, and that He was buried, and three days afterwards He arose from the grave. - 1 Corinthians 15:2-4 (LB)

    After church shopping for a few months, trying to find a place I could hang out at for awhile, I landed at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. I liked the contemporary Christian music and the overall buzz of the place.

    After a few weeks of attending, I was standing in the church's plaza area in between the worship center and the information tables, and saw a banner I could not ignore: "Celebrate Recovery". I figured, "Hey, I've been in Alcoholics Anonymous for a couple years, maybe I should hang out by that sign draped over the table."

    There was no one else by that Celebrate Recovery information table except for a man named John, who was behind it. After what must have been less than a half a minute, John asked me this question, "Do you know Jesus?" I had been asked the same question a few times before, but for the first time in my life I answered honestly. "I don't know," I said. Then he asked me if I would like to say a prayer with him and I accepted the invitation. We went behind the table, he asked me a few questions and we prayed. I have never been the same since and I know in my heart that if I continue to follow Jesus, I am headed in the right direction.

    What were the questions? What was the prayer?

    Answered in my post:

    Recent blog post: Christian teen wins case against faith-bashing teacher

  3. God has saved my soul from hell,and He keeps pouring out His blessings on me.

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  4. Where do I even start! God has been working wonderful things in my life over the last year. When I look back now, I can see how He has been drawing me back to Him for much longer and in a much closer way than I had known before. Learning to hear His voice, His promptings, has been an incredible journey into His love. Every morning I ask, "What are we going to do today, Jesus?" Some days I get more than I bargained for, but, He is always there to pull me through!

  5. Even as a child and as an unbeliever I had a passion for the Truth. Unfortunately, for years, I looked for it in all the wrong places ... especially super weird stuff like: "UFO's and the Pyramids," "How to Have an Out of Body Experience," and even, "The Secret Life of Plants." For months after reading that book I felt guilty about putting carrots down the garbage disposal--lol!

    Eventually my quest led me to read the New Testament secretly in my bathroom. When I got to Romans 10:9 I knew I wanted to be "saved." I read it innocently. I said out loud, "Jesus is Lord," and I knew that I believed in my heart God had raised Him from the dead. God honored that childlike faith and came to live inside me and lead me into the great Truths of His Word.

    I have found exceeding, abundant joy in His presence and love and seek to proclaim the good news fearlessly as I should.


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  6. Just before Easter weekend I had been in a Christian Bookstore to pick up a book and I noticed they had the movie The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John as their $5 monthly special. That evening I kept thinking about what a bargain that was and about surprising my 3 friends from my old church with copies of the movie as an Easter present. I hardly ever get to see these ladies anymore because of schedule conflicts, and the fact that I changed churches last year. That Friday I decided to go back to the Christian bookstore and pick up the movies for them, in hopes of dropping them off at one of the ladies houses on Saturday. But when I got to the Christian bookstore two of the ladies were there... (I didn't know they were coming to the store, but I think the Holy Spirit was nudging me to go get the movies at that exact time). I gave them their gift and they passed the third copy on to the other lady friend. I know two of the three ladies watched that movie that very same weekend and they were very blessed by it. My one lady friend had just come to the store at that time to drop off a picture of her Grandson... to post on a bullitin board in the store... the family still needs prayer as they grieve the loss of little Izaya who was electrocuted on Thanksgiving Day 2009. His photo is on the bottom of my blog and links to his findagrave memorial I made. I not only testify that the Lord gave me the timing to give gifts to my lady friends, but I also ask for prayer of emotional healing for that little boy's family. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

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  7. I am a Cancer Survivor, was diagnosed with cancer when I was 2 years of age. The doctors gave me a 10% chance of living, God had other ideas. The Lord Jesus Christ, has kept me around for another 23 years. I have found my purpose, which is to help those that have gone through some hardships just like I have. I have a blog where I share my thoughts and knowledge and I give people hope and inspiration. I have been dealing with different health ailments though out my life but I am very thankful because these things help shape me into the person I am today! Glory to God in the highest!

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  8. I meant to say Izaya died on Thanksgiving 2008 (oops)

    Recent blog post: Boldly praying for my own healing, let it begin with me

  9. I think this opportunity like blogging business is a gift from God. I think he shows me the path to be successful in life. I always pray to God that my Blogging Business would be successful someday because he gave me this opportunity. I hope you will pray for me too...

  10. Wow! I'm blown away with your testimony. I know a lot of people who have been enslaved with drunkenness and it seems impossible for them to come out of it but here you are a REAL example who have been set free! Praise the Lord for your life!

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  11. Amen! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for dying for us in the cross!

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  12. This is so true. He works in our lives everyday more than we can think of or imagine. I pray that the Lord be more at work in your life and may you grow in him more!

    Recent blog post: His Strength is Perfect | He's Enough and Able

  13. The need was already in you! Planted in you even while you were young. that's a wonderful testimony! Every detail of your life was indeed used to make you find Him, the true source of Truth!

    Recent blog post: His Strength is Perfect | He's Enough and Able

  14. Sometime the small things we do can do wonderful things on other people's lives! Yours is a great example that when we make our lives available for him to work, he will work IN us and THROUGH us to glorify his name! Praise the Lord!

    Recent blog post: His Strength is Perfect | He's Enough and Able

  15. Amen! God is the greatest physician. Great to know you have this blog to continue to be a blessing to other people and to make known his Good Works to the world!

    Recent blog post: His Strength is Perfect | He's Enough and Able

  16. I Will pray for you and your blog and I pray that God will always be glorified not just with your blog but with every activity in your life! God Bless you more!

    Recent blog post: Forsaking all for Christ

  17. I was a disgruntled postal worker, but God got me out before I shot up the place. I had hit the bottom, in every way--mentally, emotionally and financially.

    Like the prodigal son, I had come to the end of myself and decided to go home to my Father.
    I really had no other place to go.

    Since I had plenty of time off work. I decided to dust off the manuscript for the book I had wanted to write. It was a book of Bible verses that had been selected to bring new believers up to speed. While I was working on a book full of Bible verses, I found that repeated exposure to the word of God will change your life forever.

    That is when the miracle happened. I went to bed one night crazy as a loon and woke up the next morning completely sane.

    Rage had been my constant companion, now it was gone. I knew that God healed me. For him to do something for me personally means that he really does love me. And that he is willing to do something to help me and my family.

    I was the man who had fallen by the wayside and Jesus was my Good Samaritan. I have firsthand knowledge of his love and compassion. I do love him because he first loved me. I want to pay it forward and love my neighbor the way that Jesus loves us, in a way that is real and effective.

    Recent blog post: The Homeschool Kids and the Tea Party

  18. Our God is an awesome God! I was once lost, but now I am found!
    Outreach New Media - Public, Media, & Social Network Relations
    Alexander Murashko
    (949) 547-0907

  19. Hi Larry,
    I am so blessed with your testimony. I know a lot feel that they're prodigal sons as well. I even felt that way before. But just like you, I hope that everyone would feel the Love of the Father and come back to him. I especially agree with you that when you're filled with the Word of God, you can't help but be in-love with God. Praise the Lord for your life!

    Recent blog post: This is the Day that the Lord has made | It's all about Choices

  20. God has been good to me all my life. Praise God. And praise His Christ Jesus. My prayer is that all men will learn to address the Lord Jesus as such. Indeed the Lord Jesus can also be a "friend", but when you have a president or a senator for a friend would you address him or call him by his first name in front of so many people..? I guess not.. How much more the Son of God..? Have you read the story of the prophet Elijah the man of God..? A fire from heaven struck the two captains and their fifties because they did not treat the man of God as such. Though no such thing will happen to us nowadays by calling The Lord Jesus without the honorific "Lord", still,doesn't He deserve to be addressed as one..? Would it be very hard for men to do that? Wouldn't it please Him?

  21. I'm sure that it would please him because he's in fact the Lord of Lords! Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Recent blog post: Many Believed because of One Testimony

  22. The best way I can speak of God's blessings and what Jesus has done for me is through using the gift of poetry He has given me.

    What Have You Done?

    What have you done for Christ?
    What difference have you made
    Because of your gratitude
    For the terrible price He paid?
    Have you thought of the wonderful love
    Jesus has for you and me,
    so great that He was willing
    to die so we could be free?

    What can you do for Christ?
    The best thing to do is start
    to accept this free gift of love
    and welcome Him into your heart.
    Then you become Christ’s hands,
    to help those in need you meet,
    to walk in the path where God leads
    as you also become Jesus’ feet.

    What will you do for Christ?
    Will you change the way you live,
    speaking words of encouragement,
    looking for ways to give?
    As you let the Holy Spirit
    flood your heart and fill your mind,
    then the peace that passes understanding
    and joy are what you will find.

    written by Connie Arnold through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

  23. I want to share my testimony but it takes many many paragraphs, so I was wondering how I could do this?

    Recent blog post: Saved! Saved! Saved!

  24. Peter (Faith For God)May 25, 2009 at 12:32 AM

    Hello Mikes,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the survey. I just wanted to stop by and give my testimony.
    Growing up I had a split Catholic and Baptist home. That may not seem that rough but honestly the subtle differences between my mother and father's churches caused a lot of friction between my parents and really drove me away from God. As I grew into my teenage years I would go as far as to say that I hated God. I cursed him every chance I got and anytime anyone brought God into the conversation I would question them about their faith until they either stumbled over their words or walked away because they didn't know what to say. I not only hated God but I hated myself. I used drugs and drank and always made sure there was a party for me to go to. I guess I just felt like being drunk or being high was the only way to escape the deep pain I had....I really thought low of myself. I figured that I wouldn't make it to the age of 25 and quite honestly at the time I didn't want to.
    The year after I graduated from high school I hit rock bottom. I had a crummy job, my girlfriend dumped me and my dog of 6 years died. I had a lot of pent up emotions that just came spilling out. I went to my mother because I desperately needed someone to talk to and she did something that I never expected. After spilling my heart out to her she just grabbed my hand and said..."This isn't something I can fix. Peter I would like to pray for you and you don't have to pray but just listen with an open heart!" I was blown away. I was out of other options so I held her hand and we bowed our heads and she prayed. Something changed. I didn't feel better really but I knew something was different. Later that night in my room I thought I would give this prayer thing a shot. At first I tried to do the typical scripted prayer but then I just lost it. I found myself crying out to God. I let out all of my anger toward Him and begged him to take away the hurt that I was feeling. As I was weeping on the floor that night I felt a huge pressure lift off of me and I knew that God was embracing me. From that day forward I have been taking things day by day and I have seen miracles with my own eyes and God has given me my life back through the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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