TAWG: Time Alone With God

Mark 1:35 (NIV)

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.


Our God is a personal God. He wants to relate to us in a personal way. It's no wonder it's called a "love" relationship between man and his God.

Sometimes, we can get caught up with a lot of ministry work and good deeds. Sometimes, we may be very busy in handling small groups left and right, attending fellowships here and there and even preaching the Word of God to the lost but we forget the most special thing to God's heart. It's the time alone with God. God is calling out just to talk to us. (Gen. 3:8-9)

When was the last time you spent quality time with God? When was the last time you just poured out everything in your heart to Him? Or is your time with God during your prayer before meals? Or maybe while you're lying on your bed trying to pray, trying to concentrate and struggling not to sleep.

Jesus, as God as he is went off to a solitary place early in the morning to pray(Mark 1:35) and I believe he wants us, his followers to do the same.

Please note the word: solitary. Our time alone with God should be, if possible done in a solitary place where there'll be no distractions and any disturbance. Just you and your God. This is the time where you'll tell him things just you and He knows. This is the time when you'll just lay down every struggle, every defeat and hurts to him. This is also the time that you praise and thank Him for everything He had been doing and will do in your life. There are times that we desire something in our hearts that we want to keep just to ourselves. This is is the best time for you to just present all your requests and petitions to God. On the other hand, this is also his time to talk to you and reveal to you His wonderful things and perfect will for your life. You're struggling with a major decision right now? Spend time alone with God and he'll surely answer you. Need some advices on problems? Talk to him and he'll answer you.

As a whole, your time alone with God is your date with Him. A date to just have fun, be strengthened and to make your relationship sweeter. Just like a flower, it's your TAWG that waters your relationship with God for it to bloom.

Now, set a time for your "Time Alone with God" and set this time aside just for Him. He's waiting for you.

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  1. Amen Mike....a timely post. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful post! Amen!


  3. Thanks a lot for visiting again. God Bless you more! :-D

  4. I'm happy that you liked it Irene and I pray that people will really be blessed by it.

  5. This is such a good, all important message. It is so vital that we have our time alone as you have stated. Great reminder of how He wants to have personal time with Him. It's too easy to forget sometimes. Bless you!

  6. I loved this post. TAWG is the time I cherish and learn to appreciate my days.

  7. wow, great post. My nightly prayer would be that solitude time..naniniwala ako jan sa time for Him alone:)

    ngapala Mikes thanks for commenting on my blog :)

  8. same here.. my TAWG is every night, usually before I go to sleep. I've recently joined a bible study, and it was also mentioned there as God being our personal God. :)

  9. Oh how strengthening is my time alone with God. I get the strength I need to make it through the day by talking with my Lord. He knows exactly what to say to me. He does not judge nor does he ridicule. He simply listens to me. He simply loves me. Who could ask for a better date than with God who will never, ever stand you up! AMEN! :)

  10. Well said! Our God is a Jealous God. He wants time alone, even if its just 5 minutes.

  11. Thanks Omah. God bless you more

  12. Walang problema. Thanks for visiting

  13. Yes! You're so right valerie. Our time with God is really our source of strength

  14. If possible, let's increase it to more than an hour if possible.

  15. Mike, I agree with the TAWG being truelly alone.

    My heart's desire is for more people to stop relying on their own abilities and see how much God wants us to rest in His. If only more people would see it starts with TAWG.


  16. Thanks a lot Brett for reading and visiting, God bless you brother! ;)

  17. My Life ThinkingMay 15, 2009 at 11:17 AM

    Wonderful post, just on the right time. thanks Mikes

  18. You're welcome hishaman. God Bless you! :)

  19. Thank you for posting this... it's very timely, as I just finished listening to the first few chapters of Mark on my MP3 player, and I've been reflecting on this message. Time alone with God is vitally important, and Christ set a wonderful example here for us to follow. This time with God is not something to be taken for granted, and is very important in developing our walk with God.

  20. thanks for the visit and comment,, Mike :-); i like this post, thanks for sharing....have a good on tomorrow!

  21. You're welcome Rob and thanks a lot for visiting. God Bless you!

  22. No problem Cecile. God Bless you too!

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