A True Christian Perspective on Miss California Carrie Prejean

I'm sure we all have heard of her. It was her who refused to give up her godly convictions on same-sex marriage just to win the contest. It was her also who publicly and proudly claimed herself to be a Christian. But it was also her on those Magazine Pictures.

At first, the whole Christian "world" embraced her and accepted her as a role model and a one Christian everyone should follow. Right after she fell (with those pics out, everybody started to scorn and discriminate her even the ones from the Christian "world". Sadly, our nature is really a blaming nature. Remember what happened during the Fall of Adam and Eve?

With all the sites I have read and visited, one site had moved me and made me stop. I said to myself: Finally! Somebody spilled the beans!

It's a post from The Joyful Christian Wife, one of my favorite blogs that I follow and subscribe to. Please read her post about this topic: Finding Mercy in the "WHY" and be enlightened.

God Bless you!

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